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Sit stand office furniture

September 9th 2008

Sit stand office furniture Raising or lowering the height of a desk can have many advantages. Regular users of this type of desk have reported a reduction in back pain and discomfort as they regularly change from a sitting to standing position to carry out their work. In addition there is an increase in calorie burn from those who spend a long time sitting and a net reduction on the waistline. Also if there are job shares or hot disking areas within the office have sit stand desks will provide users with choice. Most sit stand desks available will offer a choice of hand crank or electrically operated height adjustment, the latter being the more expensive and generally desk shapes are rectangular. We offer the Infinity range which is available as a wave, rectangular or pentagon desk in 25mm Maple, Beech, White, Highland Oak or English Oak. The Prima which is a small corner desk with a hand crank option. Ikon 3 which is a 1600mm x 1600mm larger corner desk available as a hand crank or electronically operated desk. Express sit stand desks in rectangular, single and double wave options and Listra a stylish I frame desk with a hand crank mechanism, again available from stock. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding Sit Stand office desks John office furniture sales

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