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Sit Whilst you Stand?

February 8th 2012

Ergonomics, I don't have to say really, have become the topic of much conversation not only in the office furniture industry but in many other industries. We spend a lot of time sitting down, more than ever before and it won't become a shock if I say that nationally and internationally we are all getting larger on the whole.

The Belize stool is a great way to not only take the weight off your legs but also keep you in a good ergonomic position when not only working but also relaxing as well. There are other stools like this on the market at the moment, these include the Sway Stool and the Muvman Stool, however having tried all three I believe that the Belize comes out on top. The Belize features a large round base that can easily support you if you lean too far, something that I found the Sway Stool lacks as it has a relatively small base.

The Belize also features a round seat that is mounted on a height adjustable single pole that can suit users of all different sizes. The stool is available in a huge range of fabrics, imitation leathers and real leathers that its rival stools do not have, so we are sure that you will find the right material for you. The reason that these type of stools have become popular in recent times is that they not only classed as cafe furniture and bistro furniture, but they can also be classed as office furniture and ergonomic office furniture as they will appeal to both industries. This stool is available for purchase and you can get more information on this stool by calling our sales team or by visiting our sister site Online Reality. Click here to purchase. Sit Whilst you Stand? image 1Sit Whilst you Stand? image 2

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