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Stress Relieving Tips When Working in an Office

January 3rd 2012

Office work can be stressful at the best of times. This can be your boss hounding you for work that you haven't completed yet or clients chasing an important quote. It might be that just the monotony of the workplace and even that office screen that blocks your view of the window that's giving you grief, or the fact that you're sitting in an uncomfortable office chair with an office desk that is far too small for you and your work. In any case below are a few tips to try and release stress levels.

1. It may sound quite odd but the sound of running water has been proven to relieve stress. By just listening to it as background music it can evoke peaceful emotions. There are desktop water fountains that you can buy that can be placed on your desk. However this can cause a distraction to others so it may be worth getting permission before buying.

2. Making sure you have a good posture at work can have a huge effect on your stress levels. By buying an ergonomic chair, will help you to alleviate back pain problems and help you to sit correctly at your desk.

3. Some people find that a stress ball really helps to relieve tension. This is an obvious one and unlike the water and aromatherapy tips, this can be allowed in a working environment as it does not distract others.

4. The position and tidiness of your desk can have a huge effect on the way that you work, and how you handle it. By keeping an organised desk, it will help you to find everything easier and a tidy space means a tidy mind

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