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Style with a touch of comfort

General, General information July 23rd 2014

Today I look at the latest office furniture trends that not only look the part, but are also practical in their design.

As technology advances so does our office furniture. I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this wasn't sitting on an ergonomic chair 15 years ago, with a flat screen monitor that can be moved into any position because of the attached computer arm. We can now feel comfortable at work. I sit at an office desk all day and due to my comfortable chair, I don’t return home with a hunched back similar to the Disney character ‘Quasimodo’.

By ensuring your workforce is comfortable it will increase morale in the office, which will increase the work productivity. You could try using bright colours to bring the office to life together with ergonomic chairs for comfort and every base will be covered; comfort, design and colour. It has been proved that bright colours in the work place makes for a more positive work force. Red stimulates the body and mind. Orange increases energy levels. White creates a sense of space.

TIP OF THE DAY: Implement colours into your office to bring out better emotions and behaviour.

Many people experience pain and discomfort at work. Whilst these problems can be attributed to a culmination of many factors, e.g. incorrect desk, stress etc. One of the greatest contributors is poor seated posture.

Decent ergonomic seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints, encouraging movement, variety and flexibility.

Once properly configured, you’ll notice that as you move, the chair moves with you to safely and comfortably support you at all times. You will be less conscious of the chair due to its superior comfort and so you will find that you can concentrate throughout your day’s work. This results in much better productivity and focus on your work. Because the chair is designed to give you proper support, muscles don’t tire nearly as quickly, this improves blood flow helping to keep you feeling much more alert and fresh even when tackling complex problems. You’ll know when you have everything set up to match your body posture because the chair will feel like it fits like a glove.

Product Pictured: Reactive Ergo Chair

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