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Taking economy into the boardroom

June 1st 2008

Taking economy into the boardroom What has been apparent in our relatively short history has been the growth of melamine based boardroom tables over the more traditional veneer products. Some of the famous names in this marketplace such as Gordon Russell have disappeared as are many of the traditional wood working skills and cabinet making have gone with them. Life goes on however and now we import boardroom furniture from Italian manufacturing partners that is both contemporary and traditional for a fraction of the price. Improvement in production and the availability of products in 38 and 42mm board have given us access to some really great products, not just boardroom furniture but across the whole office furniture sector. At present we offer 51 different types of boardroom table each with its own range of shapes and finishes Products such as Lexus Central, and Casino, are our best sellers with interesting shapes, sizes, cable management options and glass infills We still provide veneer boardroom tables such as Nimbus, from a supplier in the Midlands available as bespoke and with feature inlays, and while the traditions of the cabinet maker is in decline there is still a place in the boardroom for quality and value. What is still consistent is the need for a modular boardroom table simple freestanding rectangles and half-moons from the Harley range, allow complete flexibility allowing the user to change the shape and orientation of the boardroom table within minutes. Office reality offer a complete design service to its clients normally without charge and commitment.

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