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The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs.

General Office Furniture March 12th 2022
The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs.

Most people may wonder why some office chairs are more expensive than others, claiming they can’t see the difference from one to another but if we look a little closer, we see what the differences are.

Office chairs on the more expensive side often feature several ergonomic benefits and higher build quality which is not found on the majority of entry-level operator chairs.

Low budget task chairs have simple plastic bases, and castors and their seat pads can be thin or uncomfortable. Higher–end ergonomic chairs have sturdy aluminium bases, flexible mesh backs and foam seats that conform to your body shape.

It’s the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ with office chairs.

But even a trained ergonomic office chair expert will agree that there are some price tags that are beyond comprehension. How can these chairs command such a high price?

Let's find out and take a look at the 10 most expensive office chairs. From low (ish) to high!

10. The Arne Jacobson Oxford Chair £4,235

The original office chair for this line was designed for the distinguished professors at Oxford and has been redesigned for the consumer market today by Fritz Hansen. The original chair was carefully and lovingly constructed using premium materials including walnut leather and chrome steel. The chair is popular because it gives off a vintage vibe and is simplistic in its appearance. But at £4,235 would today’s educational facilities be able to justify the cost?

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 1

9. Eames Executive chair £4,750

Designers Charles and Ray Eames created the Executive Work Chairs – also known as Time-Life chairs in 1960. The chairs, along with the Eames walnut stools, took their place in the three ultramodern lobbies of the Time-Life Building in the Rockefeller Centre in New York. This instant classic incorporates comfort with a sleek timeless style.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 2

8. The Vitra Grand Executive Highback armchair by Antonio Citterio - £5,100

The Vitra Gran Executive High Back chair combines the elegance of the Grand Repos lounge chair, which was designed by Antonio Citterio for the Vitra Home Collection, with the functionality of a modern boardroom chair.

The chair has a sleek aesthetic and is traditionally covered in high-quality leather with soft padded upholstery and hand-stitched details.

The Vitra FlowMotion mechanism can be adapted to the individual user to ensure synchronised comfort in every sitting position.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 3

If you’re looking for something similar that won’t break the bank, take a look at our Rhapsody Designer executive chair available in medium or high back.

7. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair £9,400

The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is a masterpeice of Danish design. Jacobsen found the perfect shape for the chair by experimenting with wire and plaster in his garage. Today the Egg chair is recognised worldwide as one of the triumphs of Jacobsen’s legendary career and Scandinavian design icon.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 4

6. Wegner Swivel Chair £13,100

From the well known designer: Hans J Wenger this chair commands a premium price. But why is this chair so expensive? Well, the wood components come from trees that are almost 150 years old. The wood is dried in a controlled environment for around two years. Then the premium materials come together to create a chair with ergonomic back support and comfort.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 5

5. G-Plan £16,250 Blofeld swivel chair

One if the most famous chairs to be captured on celluloid film. It belongs to Supervillain Blofeld in the movie You Only Live Twice (1967) and was launched by British company G Plan in 1962. This chair took on a cult status but was discontinued in the 1980’s and the existing pieces sold at eye watering prices. The original chair used in the Bond Film sold for £16,250 at an auction in 2014.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 6

4. The (Gravity Defying) Elyium R Chair - £38,000

This chair has been dubbed as the world's most advanced chair and has been unveiled at a Rolls Royce dealership in London. When sitting or reclined in the chair you don’t have to think about getting yourself comfortable because amazingly this chair makes you feel weightless!

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 7The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 8

The construction and build is everything you would expect from Rolls Royce such as aniline leather, gold frames, gel filed armrests. Rolls Royce can also guarantee their buyers exclusivity with a limited run of just 18 units.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 9

3. K Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair - £45,000

Okay so not really an office chair, but it was used in author JK Rowlings office to write her world-famous Harry Potter books. It’s not the most comfortable looking chair because it’s a dining room chair but what it lacks in comfort it makes up for in character and it certainly has a story behind it!

Rowling decorated the chair with different words and phrases from the Harry Potter books in 2002, significantly increasing the value of the chair and fetching £45,000 at auction.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 10

2. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs - £146,500

Again, not an office chair as we know it but one with historical importance. There are no elaborate design features on these chairs, and they have not been made by a well known mid-century designer, they are simple Chippendale style 1960’s chairs.

After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Jacelyn Kennedy, his widow, gave the two cabinet chairs to Secretary Robert McNamara. He was the only government official to receive such a gift from the first lady.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 11

Adding to the value of the chairs and sold with the chairs was a letter from the first lady stating that the president used to sit in them. Without the historical context, these chairs would most likely be around the £4,000 mark, depending on the condition.

1. The Aresline Xten $1.5 million chair by Pininfarnia

Designed by Pininfarina, who designed cars for Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari. The chair is the Aresline Xten which as you can see by the picture has sleek curves that you would expect from a chair designed by such an elite company.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 12

Features of this chair include dynamic fabric used by Olympic athletes for durability and made breathable by using Technogel. This chair boasts the most advanced synchronising tilting function with the back and seat adjusting independently from one another and at complementing angles.

The office chair also features a fully adjustable lumbar support and is adjustable to the height of the person as is the headrest.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 13

Everything about this chair screams futuristic comfort but with a price tag from another universe! At a whopping $1.5 million it’s been created for the uber-rich and CEOs wanting to make a serious statement.

The 10 Most Expensive Office Chairs. image 14

So there you have it—the 10 most expensive office chairs in the world.

Make any of these your own, and you’re sure to become the centre of attention with a story to tell.

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