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The Age of The Soulless Desk May Well be Over

October 22nd 2012

The office desk has seemingly always been a place of dread for office workers. This soulless place where "clear desk polocies" are implemented and where the only personal item that can be kept on your desk was you're lunch may be a thing of the past. More and more companies are adopting the more personalised desk, but why?

With more and more online businesses cropping up, the need for clients to enter a workplace has never been lower. Conference calls have replaced face to face meetings, with even some people not even coming to the office to work. It is for this reason that the office has become a more relaxed and informal environment.

Don't think that this will mean that meetings in offices will end, but with many modern companies trying to come up with ways of increasing productivity, they are allowing their employees to create personalised work spaces so that they can work with a comfortable environment around them.

Stationary companies seem to be latching on to this concept and we can see more and more colourful quirky post it notes, pens and other accessories being brought out being specifically targeted at the modern small businesses and modern businesses. There will always be some companies that will remain with their traditional working values, not naming any names!

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