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The Apprentice Returns

General October 15th 2014

The hit show led by business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar and trusty sidekicks, Karen Brady and Nick Hewer returned for its tenth series last night.

Since starting in February 2005, the BBC reality television show has seen a massive increase in viewing figures. Back in 2005 the average number of viewers per episode was 2.6 million, vastly different to the 7.35 million viewers per episode last year.

20 candidates started the daunting process, all competing for that one very important position; to become a 50/50 business partner with Sir Alan Sugar. What I love about the show is the drama that surrounds it. Some episodes remind me of another show on the BBC, ‘EastEnders'. "She did this”, “he did that”, “someone stole my toothbrush.” I could go on all day. However, I admire the candidates' determination and will to succeed. Many will crush the opposition’s dreams to come out on top. The phrase 'dog eat dog world’ will be used throughout the series I’m sure.

With all the above in mind, I thought I’d conjure up a potential business plan of my own, using office furniture as the catalyst. I’m 99.99% sure that this idea will never come to fruition, however, I remain optimistic.

PLEASE NOTE: If I see my idea making millions in years to come, I would expect some sort of cut, please bare this in mind when pitching your ideas to ‘The Dragons’ or ‘Sir Alan Sugar’ himself.

I have one idea and one idea only!!!

Double Decker Desks

I can feel the air of anticipation already!!

“How does it work?" I hear you ask. Well, the office chair that looks like it’s floating on air will have a lift mechanism attached, very similar to a stair lift. Once you’ve fastened your obligatory seat belt, you will be slowly and safely transported into your mid-air workspace. The top desk comes complete with a wireless remote control, ensuring impeccable positioning (I’ve got everything covered). The top desk will be attached to the lower one, preventing any flying desk accidents. During my imaginary survey, 53% of participants thought the above was the most dangerous aspect.

Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking "there are a lot more pressing issues"! Don’t worry I’ve thought about that too. The most complicated issue being who will get the top office desk and who will have to remain at floor level? This issue will be clarified with a simple coin toss. Heads you’re top, tails you’re bottom.

Just think of the space you would save, instead of having issues regarding the width and length of the room, you’ll become more worried about the height of the room. Two desks is my limit though, imagine having 5? The more I think about it, the more I think it could work. I genuinely think I may be onto a winner here.

The Apprentice Returns image 1

Which team will be heading to the café tonight I wonder?

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