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The Beauty of Plants

Design, General information November 5th 2018
The Beauty of Plants

It's well known that humans have an inherent desire to be connected to nature, a phenomenon known as ‘biophilia’. However, in the modern age, people spend vast quantities of their time in places that have been stripped of this connection, having grass, tree, and flowers replaced with concrete and asphalt.

Research has suggested that adding something that brings back this connection to nature into your home or office, such as indoor plants, can provide a number of positive benefits. Our experts at Office Reality know this and have created a short guide on the benefits of having plants in your office spaces.

1. Stress is reduced - A study undertaken by the University of Technology in Sydney concluded that there is a distinct correlation between office stress levels and the number of plants in the office, finding that stress and depression levels drop significantly with more office plants. Along with explaining this by biophilia, these results can also be understood from the point of colour psychology. Green naturally has a calming effect on the brain, so incorporating more plants, along with shades of green in the decoration, is likely to help reduce overall stress levels.

2. Productivity is increased - As far back as 2014, researchers at the University of Exeter found that employee productivity increased by as much as 15% when plants were introduced into the office. By ensuring that each employee can see a plant from their workspace, the study concluded that memory retention can be increased, and employees performed better at basic logical tests. As such, it's important to include plants in prominent and central places, so that all employees can gain these benefits.

3. Office spaces become aesthetically pleasing- Plants can help to make your office space more appealing, which in turn can lead to many positive impacts, such as a welcoming environment for new clients and making the company appear more attractive to job applicants. By incorporating plants into the front entrance of your building, as well as your main meeting rooms, and general working areas you should find that employees and visitors feel that some thought has gone into 'biophilia' which makes for beautiful calming spaces.

Here at Office Reality, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality office furniture and interior solutions. For more information about our range of office plants and to enjoy the benefits outlined above, please take a look

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