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The benefit of utilising earthy colours in your office

Design, General information March 6th 2020
The benefit of utilising earthy colours in your office

The colours that you associate with your brand can have far-reaching effects. This is something to consider when you are looking to start fresh or re-establish your business. In particular, you should know just how much you could benefit from choosing earthy shades for your office, especially since there’s an abundance of office furniture to choose from. As you begin to think about an office that’s perfect for helping you and your workforce to thrive and excel, let’s look at how earthy colours which typically feature shades of green, blue and brown, can be used to your advantage.

Productivity - Earthy colours have been found to have a positive effect on productivity. For instance, blue has been determined to have a calming influence on people who are under pressure and are susceptible to becoming stressed. Green, on the other hand, is linked with sparking a person’s creativity and establishing an environment where fresh ideas can flow freely. These are, of course, perfect for maintaining high morale.

Evolution - While it might be tempting to associate your brand with brash colours like red and purple if you want it to stand out from the crowd, it can be difficult to evolve upon such shades without doing a complete overhaul. Meanwhile, earthy colours are easy to build upon because they don’t date or clash. They tend to be more discreet, allowing you room to manoeuvre should you choose to go in a different direction with your colour scheme in the future. This can help cut costs and save precious time.

Ethos - Whether you’re dipping your toe into the world of all things green or whether your environmental efforts are well established, earthy colours are a great way to convey the message and further establish your ethos. The shades will suggest to your workers, clients and the wider community that your company is conscientious and concerned about making a positive impact beyond your office.

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