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The Bodo range of desking and its origins:

Design, Office design June 24th 2024

The Bodo desking range has proved to be a big hit with our customers over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. With its gentle soft styling and exposed warm wooden elements, the Bodo philosophy is welcome in many workplaces, so we have decided to write a blog about it!

Bodo Desking 8 person

The inspiration behind the Bodo range of desking

The Bodo range has been inspired by a Scandinavian design style giving off a relaxing and inviting vibe - “hygee” is the word.

The concept of hygge gained popularity with an international audience in late 2017, resulting in an increase of online searches and the rise of the hashtag #Hygge on Instagram.

The Bodo desking range was introduced in 2018 adopting a “hygee” holistic look created by the shaped wooden legs a bit different from the linear metal frames used with alternative bench desking.

What does "hygee" mean exactly?

“Hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is a Danish and Norwegian word that describes a quality of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

It is often associated with feelings of warmth and relaxation.

Many different Danish traditions are influenced by Hygge, for example in winter months Danes often make home-cooked food, such as cakes or meatballs, from scratch. Generally, Hygge inspires Danish interior design throughout the year and has been adopted globally.

And where does the Bodo name come from?

In keeping with the Scandinavian influences, we were inspired by Bodo, a small town in northern Norway, located just north of the Arctic circle. It is the largest urban area and town in Nordland county and it is the second largest town in Northern Norway.

The town of Bodo, over the years, has developed from being a small coastal town to a vibrant Arctic cultural hub. The construction of the award-winning cultural centre, including a state-of-the-art concert hall, the annual Parken music festival, Arctic street art, the football club Bodo/Glimt, and rich culinary traditions have all contributed to a glowing cultural scene in the city.

This year, 2024, Bodo and Nordland will be the first European Capital of Culture in the Arctic. Bodo2024 will be the world’s longest party both in terms of time and area covered and the celebration will last for an entire year!

Bodo town in Norway

The Bodo desk and bench desk range 

The Bodo singular desk is bold enough to make a  “hygee” statement. If you wanted to create banks of desking for multiple people, that’s possible too. The range is comprehensive with screens, cable management, pedestals and fixed or sliding tops at a space-saving 600mm or a standard 800mm deep.

The customisation of the leg colour sets Bodo apart from other desking solutions. The wooden tapered legs are available in 21 bright RAL colours allowing vibrant colours to be introduced to interior schemes. The desk tops are also available in a range of board finishes including Oak, Anthracite, Walnut and updated board finishes of Slate, Grey, and Mocha.

The Bodo range of executive desking

The Bodo range of executive desks offers the familiar L-shaped footprint with the option to add a splash of colour to the leg. The modesty panel keeps cables hidden and can be colour-coded to match or contrast with the desk top finish.

The Bodo range of executive desks can be complemented with cupboards, designer modular shelving, credenzas and pedestals from our Avalon range.

The Bodo range of meeting tables

The Bodo desking range expands to a variation of Bodo meeting tables adopting the same leg detail and readily available in several different-sized tops. In line with the soft linear “hygee” look, the corners of each meeting room table are radiused creating a soft look and feel. If you want to dial in more to the Scandi vibe look and feel you can opt to choose ply edging on the boardroom table tops.

Bodo High Bench anthractite legs and white table top and Bodo Stools yellow seats and green legs.

The Bodo range of high bench tables and Bodo stools

The Bodo range seamlessly adapts to meeting zones and dining hubs. These types of high meeting tables have become more popular recently because they are more informal than the general boardroom table and can also be used for dining purposes.

The Bodo range in situ

We have many customers who have opted for Bodo desking and have been very pleased with the look and feel of the range.

Flooring Superstore approached us because they were fully refurbishing their newly acquired 10,000 square foot office which has a capacity for 150 staff members.

Nick Bisicker the Chief Logistics officer at Flooring Superstore said:

“We really wanted to create a new and exciting environment for our staff to work in. Somewhere that’s modern, fresh. We put a lot of thought into what the staff would like and how we could help them be happy at work and thrive in this new environment.

They selected a number of Bodo boardroom tables featuring vibrant RAL coloured orange legs with slate grey tops and supporting Bodo credenza units.

Bodo Boardroom Table at Flooring Superstore County Durham

More recently, in 2024 Garsington Studios placed a sizeable order for a number of Bodo bench desks, executive desks, canteen tables and Avalon designer modular shelving.

Bodo Desking at Garsington Studios

The wooden leg element of the Bodo range appealed to them because the new offices and studio building featured exposed oak beams and balconies. The building project itself took around 3 years to complete. We recently went to look at the results which you can see here in our most recent video case study.

So, if you’re looking to introduce a little more “hygee” in to your workplace then Bodo is the range you have been looking for. Or, if your looking for more “hygee” inspiration why not consider taking a trip to the town of Bodo!

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