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April 9th 2014

I’m sure many of us have watched the call centre over the past year, I know I have. Every time I watch it I think to myself “is it always like that?” surely it can’t be. Nothing would ever get done. If I’m honest, I love the show and I think the manager Nev is a class act.

But is it all an act to bring custom to a firm that has a very difficult job in making a sale because people are just not interested? It’s obviously working for them. By having a well-known T.V channel film at your workplace every year is bound to draw interest from the outside world. Stroke of genius many will think, including me. Imagine if everything we see on T.V was a day to day occurrence. What it would be like to kick a football around during working hours or to play cupid among fellow colleagues in trying to find them a suitable partner to share their interests with. My boss would call me into his office before my feet could touch the ground if I was to do any of the above. However, the management style seems to work for the Welsh entrepreneur.


Nev’s style is new, it’s fresh and people love it. He is making a very boring and mundane job bearable for his staff. This is a job where humour is the key to success. Nev is keeping his employees’ morale high and in return it keeps them driven to make that next sale.

If I had a hat on I’d tip it to Nev but I don’t unfortunately.

Every Tuesday, I will certainly be tuning in to see what mad tactics he uses next to gain the best out of his Welsh call centre team. One thing is for sure though, nothing will surprise me.

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