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The Embody office chair is here

October 22nd 2008

Herman Miller the office furniture company that was responsible for the ubiquitous Aeron office chair has launched a new office chair called the Embody. Six years in the making it is being billed as the first bionic chair in the world. Going under the code name of Stockholm the Embody does more than prevent the maladies that come with endless sitting in office chairs, it is claimed to be good for you, and improve your health! The chairs co-designer Jeff Weber has said that the Embody represents a leap to a new evolution of office chairs and in answer to these bold claims that sitting is believing. The chair will track the users movements and find a position in which the head is placed above the pelvis this reduces the pressure on the "sitting bones" and improves the blood flow to the legs. Also built in f flexibility in the back will allow the user in inhale and exhale a greater quantity of air with each breath. The Embody chair will be available for around £1250.00 Please contact our office for further information

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