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The Global office furniture group

September 20th 2008

The rise of the Global group of Canada is a tale of hardship and endurance that begins in a Polish ghetto during the second world war and ends with one of the most successful office furniture and office seating companies in the world. Saul Feldberg and his family were captured and held by the Nazis before fleeing to Siberia where they stayed until the end of the. Saul persuaded his family to move to the newly formed Israel to where they settled for a few years in the Gaza strip. The family finally moved to Toronto and in 1966 established the Global Upholstery Company manufacturing office furniture and office chairs. A humble beginning Saul was the salesman his wife Toby did the deliveries and his father the sewing. Today Global and its associated companies employs over 9000 people and has over 2000 dealers worldwide. It is still very much a family business with Saul’s son Joel heading up Global and his other son at he Helm of the Office furniture manufacturer Teknion. In the UK Global is known as GGI Europe and manufactures office chairs in Darwen Lancashire. Some of GGI office chairs include the Obusforme, Futura, Concorde 24 hour office chair and Azeo GT office chairs Please let us know if you require any further information on these ranges of office chairs

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