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The Importance of a Break Room

June 25th 2012

Every office has an area that employees can use for breaks; however this has't always been the case. Nowadays employees expect this and why shouldn't they? Break out areas are an ideal place to converse with fellow co-workers, eat your lunch and just generally an area to relax away from your desk. It is important then that you spend time on getting this area to give a relaxing feel and vibe to boost your staffs morale. We all know that if your staff are happy, they perform well, so creating an fresh and vibrant employee break area can really help to keep your staff happy and productive. Every break room should have the basics regardless of the area.

These include tables for eating and meeting people, sofas for employees to relax in comfortable seating and a kitchen or kitchenette area. This may sound odd, but the design of the area is less important than the actual pieces of furniture that you decide to put in. You want to make sure that you have adequate seating to accommodate everyone, particularly at times of the day where there tends to be high traffic in the break room. There are some design tips that we recommend that you adopt to try and reach your break out areas full potential. For instance try to keep the kitchen and seated lunging area close to one another as this helps with employees being able to socialise with one another easier. Try and make the space in the break room free from the uniform decor of the office and try to allow your employees the opportunity to customise and personalise the area. You can add notice boards and bulletin boards into this area as well as it is more likely to be seen by all the employees.

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