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Design in today’s workspaces

July 19th 2018
Design in today's workspaces

When it comes to considering the place you work, you might think that the culture, your coworkers and the rewards of working there are the most important thing - but, though these factors are very important to a happy, healthy environment, design is one of the things that has an impact on us most when it comes to loving going to work every day. After all, you have to look at it all day and work in that environment; why wouldn't you want it to be aesthetically pleasing?

Light, light and more light - There's little more important to a productive and happy workday than having plenty of light - and there's a reason more businesses than ever are swapping fluorescent bulbs out for huge windows that let more light in. Sunlight makes us happy, and natural light is far easier on the eyes than flickering or migraine-inducing bulbs, leading to greater well-being; and better productivity thanks to a happier environment.

Modern style indicates a modern culture - Very few people look at a 70s-style office with ceiling tiles and strip lights and think 'I want to work there'. A big part of modern culture and business styles is the modern design that goes along with it, whether it's swapping cubicles for a more open work environment or opting for natural and lightcolours over dark woods and old carpets. Your office design is your first in-person impression for visitors and potential hires alike, so modern design can easily reflect the values of your business in a positive way.

Put employee well-being first - The easiest, or cheapest
isn't always the most practical, and businesses that work with costs first, rarely end up with the same dedicated, productive and loyal employees that modern businesses value. Think ergonomic designs for chairs and desks, a design that's conducive to productivity between employees and less isolation, and even open and airy environments that encourage collaboration. Our wellbeing department is constantly being updated so keep coming back to see what’s new.

Modern design is a must for effective modern business - Flexible modern business practices just don't mesh with old-fashioned office design - with concepts like hot desking, digital collaboration and global working environments, there's a far greater need for space that an older office design can't provide - not to mention a lack of compatibility with modern technologies and requirements. A modern workplace needs a modern design to function effectively.

At Office Reality, modern design is at the forefront of our minds. Speak to a member of our design team who will work with you, using the latest in 3dvisualisation software, to bring your dream working space to life.

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