The Importance of the Coffee Table

When you think about it, a coffee table can be and is used in almost all of life. OK maybe that is is a little over exaggeration, but what I mean by this is that whether you are sitting in a coffee shop, waiting in a reception or waiting room, or even sitting in your front room, there is probably a coffee table somewhere in sight. Used for purely for convenience, they are not a necessity but still, why do people sometimes spend a small fortune on them?

The main answer to this is that they can add subtle character to the room. Coffee tables aren't like home office desks, office desks, cafe tables etc... they can come in all shapes and sizes from basic tables to the more ellaborate and there are some extraordinary designs that can be thought provoking or just aesthetically pleasing.

The reason that office desks and dining tables differ is that you use them in a different way to a coffee table. You use a desk to work on, you use a dining table or cafe table to eat on, but with a coffee table you just put things on so therefore are not using it intensely which is why the design can take a more interesting shape. Below are some examples of coffee tables. Designed by Kino Guerin, this table has taken its design from the sled and has been aptly named The Small Toboggan Table.

Made entirely from wood, this table features Blood Wood and Amazaque veneers over laminated birch plywood to give the overall effect a stunning look. This second table has been inspired by the atrocities that occurred from 2004 in the Abu Gharib prison. Designed by Mr Toledano, this coffee table has been made to shock an provoke your thoughts on the subject of the abuse that occurred in the prison.

A Isamu Noguchi designed coffee table that is simple in structure yet has a beautiful overall look. Topped in glass, this design has been replicated and looks great in all different commercial and domestic areas.

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