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The Importance of the Ergonomic Chair

September 7th 2009

It has always been that managers choose executive chairs that mimic their status in the office. The chairs had to be respectable, taller than the standard operator chair, and usually in leather rather than fabric. The main aim of the chair was to show the managers superiority within the office, even though this maybe true it seems that nowadays executive chairs are sold not just on their aesthetic properties, but on comfort and ergonomic value. Research brought out in recent years show that not sitting properly or sitting in an uncomfortable position reduces productivity and efficiency within the office environment. The long term effect of this means, that companies are losing money due to their workers becoming needlessly fatigued. A study by American manufacturers Herman Miller, states: "if a worker loses 10 minutes of work a day due to fatigue, the monetary loss per year for the company is about $600 per worker". As well as this, not sitting properly or in a position that makes you uncomfortable makes you more likely to get up from your chair more often. Also in the study carried out by Herman Miller, they found: "it can take as long as 25 minutes to regain concentration and focus on work after any type of interruption", so not only are workers more fatigued throughout the day, they are more distracted as well. With all this new information available to us, it is quite simply better to take into account the ergonomic values that a chair has rather than just purchasing a chair merely on the way it looks.

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