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The Laptop Tower – Just as Ergonomic as it is Functional

December 13th 2011

All we seem to hear these days in the office furniture industry is ergonomics. It is a very important subject especially as more and more people are getting injured at work due to spending long periods of time working at their office desk and sitting in their office chair. Not only is this problem increasing, but the portable way of working is on the rise as well. There is one product that is trying to combine these two factors and that is the LaptopTower LT. The design of the Laptop tower is unlike any other office desk.

You don't use a chair for this, you simply stand which means that already you are in a more ergonomic posture. Unlike other desks, the tower is compact and takes up very little space so can be used in a range of domestic and commercial applications. The tower comes equipped with a lighted, pull out laptop shelf with mouse pad, four shelves and sockets to accommodate other small electrical items such as printers or projectors.

One of the great benefits to this tower is that it has its own in built cable management system so stray cables will not cause clutter. The tower is powered by a single transparent cable leading to the sockets inside. Not only can this piece of office furniture be used as a workstation, but it can be used to give presentations as well. It's compact so is able to save space in the office or meeting room for other necessary items such as office storage, meeting room tables or even a large boardroom table if one is needed in the room. The tower comes in a range of veneers and paints that are used in contrast to produce an attractive workstation.

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