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The Marshmallow sofa

June 16th 2009

The Marshmallow sofa was designed by George Nelson and Irving har[er and originally produced by Herman Miller the giant US based office furniture manufacturer. Originally the cushions were presented by an inventor who had found a low cost way of producing them but the idea to use them as a sofa didn’t come to mind immediately. The sofa consists of 18 round cushions that appear to float on a steel frame. There are a number of stunning colours available although the sofa is equally compelling in a plain colour. The cushions are also detachable this enables the owner to spread wear by redistributing the cushions and if multi colours are used to create a totally new design. Often considered quirky and an early Pop Art classic the sofa is a favourite in many modern reception schemes. We have also specified the Marshmallow sofa for a number of executive suites. Please contact us for further information

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