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The office chair Olympics hits Taiwan

Seating July 7th 2017
The office chair Olympics hits Taiwan

Once the bosses have gone, the security guard and cleaners have done their rounds and the open plan area is clear, it is a time-honoured tradition among desk jockeys. With a straight drag strip down the middle aisle or a full course around the periphery with chicanes and challenging corners, it can be a great way to relieve some built-up office stress, as long as health and safety don't find out.

You might think you were having fun with those battles, and the cheeky deployment of the height adjustment lever to scupper a rival, but the Taiwanese have taken this white-collar sport to new heights. Check out their Olympic-style efforts on the streets of Tainan. Watch the video here >

There's fancy dress, that critical choice of the right footwear for best traction and some protective padding to guard against high-sides and collisions. There's also a full audience to cheer people on and create some atmosphere, which is better than two people from the accounts team betting on your impending loss. With hundreds of competitors, the event helped bring workers and local businesses together.

Presumably, somewhere in a sports laboratory, the true professionals are testing a wide range of office chairs to see which are the fastest, offer the best ride or has the best balance. Pro-tip, note in the video those with locked wheels were going a lot faster! While that isn't usually a buying consideration, we'd like to think that our range of office and swivel chairs could see your office workers up the front of any race.

There's doesn't seem to have been a repeat this year, so the challenge could open to another city or town to claim the crown of world office chair racing champion. Perhaps this sport can become an underground version of the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge that tours the world? Maybe it could help bring some life to the usually empty parts of your office or industrial park, and help encourage different companies to get to know each other better.

If you and your coworkers do get up to something similar, send us over some pictures so we can help spread news of this growing sport. With the impending loss of the British F1 Grand Prix, we will need something new to fill the gap, and office chair racing could be just the thing.

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