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The post-pandemic office of the future?

General information January 13th 2022
The post-pandemic office of the future?

The post-pandemic office of the future…

Coronavirus has turned our working lives and our personal lives upside down. The world plunged into a remote working experiment. And now, in the aftermath, our thoughts turn to how we can resume our old normal. In just twenty-one months, the world of work has changed forever. We must now look at how we can build an office for the future. What will the post-pandemic office landscape look like?

Home or Hybrid

Employers now have to evaluate how much of an impact social interaction has on the company's bottom line. Is the need for face to face contact and social interaction an essential component of office life?

The post-pandemic office of the future? image 1

Many people have taken well to their new home office. They feel that there is no need to return to the lengthy commute. Where this may work for introverts who prefer their own space, this will not be ideal for everyone.

Many companies have found the shift to home working has been cost-effective. Software as a service (SaaS) companies are in more demand than ever before. The uptake in cloud-based services will further increase in 2022 with the introduction of 5G.

Normal But Not as We Know it

So, where does this leave the office of the future? The pandemic will no doubt subside, but that doesn't mean we will return to the old way of working. Technology rapidly adapted in 2020 to supply the demands of remote working. And as with anything else, the "new normal" becomes the norm, and the old ways are left behind.

The office of the future is being shaped now. Breathing new life into old workspaces is at the heart of the transformation. We feel it’s safe to say that work will not continue on an entirely remote basis but will be split between home and office. The office space will adapt and take on a new aesthetic.

One issue 2021 has highlighted is the need for employers to make wellbeing a priority. Some companies are re-designing the office to follow the footsteps of corporations like Google. Nap pods are being installed in office spaces. We have seen an increased demand for office pods over the past twelve months and even office games are fast becoming popular, something that was virtually unheard of ahead of the pandemic. Other employers are choosing to make their office environment reflect a home-from-home environment designed to nurture staff.

The post-pandemic office of the future? image 2

This new homey environment not only nurtures staff. The designs are intended to show off company values. There will be more technology than ever built into the post-pandemic office.

Working with AI

Humans and machines will be brought ever closer together in the new environment. Air filtration systems will work quietly in the background alongside visitor tracking technologies. Systems that will be able to track visitors via mobile phone data. Sign in tech will scan facial features and iris's. And if that wasn't enough to blow your mind, don't even get us started on the UV after hour cleaning lights and the holographic video phones!

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Food for thought and thanks for reading!

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