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The privacy pod: reimagining office space to combat Covid

Making the transition back to the office during the pandemic brought a whole host of new challenges. Maintaining a productive and focused environment while keeping everyone safe is no mean feat and requires a degree of flexibility all round.

Something that has become increasingly important, when we do permanently return to our workspaces, is the ability to reimagine the layout of the workspace. Given social-distancing measures and limited office capacity, it’s never been more relevant to think creatively when it comes to coordinating everyone’s workstations and determining an office layout that’s safe and effective. You’ve got to think outside the box – or, perhaps, thinking inside the box is the answer!

One easy way to break up the open-plan office and increase security is with privacy pods. Available in a huge range of sizes and styles, they offer a protective barrier around employees and offer new opportunities regarding solo workspaces. By reducing the risk of airborne and surface transmissions, pods and booths enable you to make the most of reopening the office.

When paired with COVID-secure transparent screens and antibacterial upholstery, the larger pods are ideal for conducting meetings in a secure and responsible manner. We’ve all missed being able to hold meetings face-to-face and, by taking these protective measures, you can get back on track.

Easy and convenient – Some pods can be assembled “tool-free” and disassembled just as easily – no need for any DIY headaches! They are stable when freestanding so do not require securing to the floor. This also means that they can be moved and repositioned easily, so if you’re still in the process of reconfiguring your office you have the flexibility of finding out what works best.

Not just for COVID - Though the coronavirus pandemic has made office safety a priority, the benefits of privacy pods outlast the need for social distancing. By enclosing participants in away from noise and distractions, pods are an excellent way of maintaining focus however busy one’s environment becomes. They also help to create a distance between one’s work and social time: leaving your pod for breaks and allowing your brain to process new stimuli means you’ll feel more refreshed when it’s time to get back to it.

Whether you keep your pods or remove them in favour of a higher-density workspace, you can be confident going forward that your office is configured to allow maximum productivity without compromising on safety.

Posted by: Angela Mee

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