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The Tallest Building in Europe – The Shard

July 6th 2012

Last night saw the opening of London's latest high rise building, the Shard but the general consensus does not appear to be very positive. The opening consisted of twelve high powered lasers and 30 searchlights that lit up the sky of London last night to celebrate the tallest building in Europe.

The 95 storey building, which is 1016 ft high, is situated near London Bridge and had a light show that was unlike any other. Observed by the Duke of York and the Qatari prime minister, the light show was set to two pieces of classical music that was performed live by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Unfortunately not all Londoners were particularly pleased with the opening ceremony. Those who tried to watch the show from the surrounding areas, including Debbie Lemon were "bitterly disappointed".

Debbie also comments, "We were expecting a light show and saw fairy lights twinkling in the distance - nothing out of the ordinary." Unfortunately not all of London is completely satisfied by the Shards presence as looking at forums, there are mixed opinions. "It reminds me of that tall building in Lord of the Rings with the all seeing eye." is a quote from one particular forum. The cost of building the hard and the surrounding area of London Bridge are estimated to be £1.5 billion and was financed by Qatar. The prime minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bid Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani commented on the financing of the Shard and the £20 billion that the UK has received from Qatar, "We are committed and believe in investing in your country," he said. "There continues to be a lot of problems in the world economy that will show who is weak and who is strong, and we will show that we are a strong partner."

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