The Tip Ton Chair - Simple yet Effective

Huge amounts of money are constantly being invested by furniture companies to try and come up with a chair that has an ergonomic design that not only does the job of making sure the user keeps a good posture, but also is aesthetically pleasing. Other countries around Europe do not seem as interested in the way a chair looks, as long as it performs well, however over here, in some cases, looks are everything.

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby appear to have combined the two, to produce their latest invention, the Tip Ton chair. On first glances, we see that this chair appears to be like most other plastic chairs around. However when looked at in more detail we can see that this chair has a forward tilting action that has only ever been used on mechanical chairs. This simple design allows the chair to tilt at an angle of 6.5 degrees which keeps the user's spine straight and gives an overall better seated position. Not only this, the chair is designed to increase blood flow around the body which in time will help ailments such as back pain and other work related injuries caused by poor seated positions. The chair's design is incredibly simple. It is made using a single mould with no mechanical parts, which means that there are no joints in the chair which further supports the chairs strength leaving it virtually indestructible.

Not only this, the chair is made from 100% recyclable products giving it an environmentally friendly quality as well. This is the first time that a plastic chair has been made to be ergonomic and it is for this reason that the chair is an affordable solution to back care. The chair is also stackable giving it space saving properties, so there for can be used in schools and other public buildings. This chair is very versatile and can be used as an office chair at an office desk or cafe chair at a cafe table.
It can also be classed as education furniture as it meets with British Standards.

Posted by: Office Reality

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