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The Tulip – London’s new 305-metre visitor tower?

The Tulip - London's new 305-metre visitor tower?

London's famous Gherkin may be getting a new neighbour in the form of the Tulip - a tower measuring a staggering 305.3 metres, complete with a viewpoint and rotating gondolas. If completed, the City of London could well have a new tallest structure.

Architectural design and engineering firm Foster + Partners has recently submitted its designs and drawings for the tower. With a planned construction start of 2020, depending on planning permission being granted it's expected to be completed in 2025.

An incredible view - The Tulip has, unsurprisingly, been designed to look like the bulbous tulip flower's petals which sit on top a slim stem. This stem is what will be used by visitors to reach the viewpoint, the educational centre, and the other various attractions.

Panoramic views of the city would be provided via an array of internal glass slides, working in conjunction with spinning gondola pods situated on three sides of the façade. There are sky bridges planned to join up the various observation decks, and there will be both a bar and restaurant with comprehensive full-circle views.


Design cues have been taken from a mix of inspiration sources, one being the London Eye's famous rotating pods. The panoramic restaurant once found atop the BT Tower has also been hearkened to.

A selection of planned details - The project has been developed b Foster + Partners for the same group that currently owns the Gherkin - J Safra Group, a private bank and investment holdings firm.

The Tulip is proposed to house a large education centre, which is suggested will offer upwards of 20,000 places every year for local state school children. They will be able to enjoy the incredible views and make the most of the available facilities.

The education centre itself has been designed to aid with the teaching of various subjects found on the national curriculum. There would also be a variety of interactive guides, designed to offer an engaging look at the history of London.

To the base of the Tulip will stand an entrance pavilion, two-storeys tall, with a "pocket park" alongside that, In conjunction with green walls increase the green surface area 8.5 fold, according to the architects.

Energy would be generated on-site through the liberal use of photovoltaic cells. Ventilation is going to come from zero-combustion energy, as a part of an effort to reduce pollution, while heating will be contributed to via sunlight through the volume of glass.

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