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The White House: first renovation in more than six decades

The White House: first renovation in more than six decades

So with the office refurbishment almost finished, we look at how the room is decorated and what office furniture is making new room fit for the new president.

You may be familiar with Donald Trump's style. If you have seen images of his home in New York, then you will know he has a passion for the traditional and opulent furnishings. When Trump first took over the office from Obama, he made a few surface changes to the style of the room. The most obvious changes were the golden curtains and numerous flags which were positioned to line the walls, in what is definitely a more patriotic look. However, the famous desk was kept in place. We wonder if Trump had been considering new office desks and planning a new spot for that infamous red button? For now, it looks as if the desk everyone knows is staying put.

Photos of the renovations show a lot of golden eagles, which add to the patriotism Trump has already displayed in his interior design choices. A White House official said, "Trump wants to bring back the lustre and glory of the White House."

Trump has chosen an extra large operators chair which ties in well with the gold and cream colours used throughout the room. The office chair is finished in a blood red leather and we have no doubt that hidden under the desk are some of Trump's signature claw feet.

It is not just Trump's office which has been given a makeover. The whole White House is looking a lot more opulent. The West Wing, in particular, has been upgraded so it is now fit for use as a VIP lobby. The new carpet is designed to reflect the amazing rose garden which can be seen from the windows. However, we wonder if the purse strings were tightened when it came to the furniture. Rather than replacing the office chairs, many have simply been recovered.

We hope that Donald Trump now finds his office up to his high standards, and if he does decide on some new office furniture he can always give Office Reality a call. We will be happy to offer him some advice!

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