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Things to consider when reopening the office

General information September 15th 2020
Things to consider when reopening the office

The coronavirus pandemic has left many people working from home, as offices closed to stop the spread of the virus. With new government backing to reopen, many offices are choosing to do so. Although this is welcome news for many employers, the risks of the virus still remain. Read on to learn about the most important things employers should consider when reopening offices.

Social distancing - The number one thing that offices need to consider when reopening is social distancing. Offices involve a large and varied number of people mixing, which can cause the spread of the virus. Therefore, office managers need to put in place strict social distancing measures. Firstly, schedules and rotas should be redesigned to ensure as few people are on-site at any one time. Office furniture should also be moved accordingly. It may mean a return to cubicle style working rather than big communal spaces. A one-way system should be implemented in offices for all hallways, entrances and exits. Staff should be informed of these changes before they come back.

Furniture - For maximum protection, offices should consider investing in new office furniture for reopening. Protective screens can offer peace of mind for staff, ensuring that they are protected. Antibacterial seating could be an option to prevent the spread of the virus.

Deliveries - Another aspect which employers should think about is deliveries. Deliveries cannot operate as smoothly as they did before the pandemic. Employers should, therefore, designate pick-up and drop-off collection points, with markings and signage. All deliveries must be non-contact, and cleaning products should be given to staff who collect deliveries, so they can disinfect the parcels and themselves. Employers should aim to reduce deliveries where possible, perhaps by ordering in bulk less often.

Hygiene - It is essential for employers to ramp up hygiene measures on reopening. Firstly, handwashing facilities should be placed around the office and should be kept well stocked. Staff should be reminded daily to wash their hands regularly and for 20 seconds. Toilets should be for used by one person at a time to prevent the spread.

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