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Three essentials for your office on-the-go/working from home

General January 14th 2019
Three essentials for your office on-the-go/working from home
In recent years, there has been a surge of people working remotely, whether they are self-employed or taking a day off from the office. As such, here are three essentials you need for when your work life is on-the-go.
A reusable water bottle - There’s nothing quite like saving the environment and staying hydrated at the same time, and with a reusable water bottle, it’s never been easier to do just that. There’s nothing like sitting back after completing a task that has taken you hours, and taking a sip of water and knowing that it's a job well done. Knowing that you’ve prepared enough to not have to stop working to search for a source of hydration allows you to focus on the task at hand, boosting your productivity and allowing you to simply settle down and get the job done.
A wireless mouse and keyboard - If you’re used to using a desktop computer or have to use specialised software in your job, you’ll be aware of how irritating it can be to have to perform the same tasks using a tiny keyboard and a trackpad. You can get around this by using a wireless keyboard and mouse. These days, you can get some really inexpensive options that will work for you, and they’ll fit into your backpack no problem – perfect for when you’re travelling, settling down for the day to work at a sit-stand desk or settling down in a coffee shop for a few hours. Wireless mice are perfect allowing you to get even the fiddliest of work tasks done without a hitch. It doesn’t get much better than that.
Foam earplugs - Nothing can be more annoying than opening your laptop, trying to get down to work, and then all of a sudden realising you’re focusing far too heavily on the conversation the two people on the meeting table opposite are having a bit too loudly for your liking. Busy coffee shops! Airports! Your own TV! Distractions can be found in anything and everything when you’re outside of the office, so investing in some noise-cancelling earplugs will help you maintain that same level of concentration and productivity you have in the office and get the job done - no matter what might be going on in the background to distract you.
And there you have it! With these three things, you can be more productive than ever – even when you’re outside the usual hubbub of a great office environment.

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