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Top 8 things not to do in the workplace

General information January 2nd 2018
Top 8 things not to do in the workplace

If you want to get ahead in your job there are certain habits that may be holding you back. Here is a list of the top eight things not to do in the workplace if you want to succeed.

1. Gossip - we spend so much time with our colleagues it is only natural that we get to find out some of the more intimate areas of their lives. It can be tempting to spread that latest piece of gossip. However, this can make you unpopular and can land you into serious trouble.

2. Complain - there are bound to be several things you don’t like about the work you do or your office environment, and voicing an opinion sometimes is fine. Just don’t get into the habit of moaning constantly as if overheard by the wrong people this could cause you problems.

3. Meddle with office furniture belonging to colleagues - many people have health issues that require them to use specialist office chairs or height adjustable desks that are set up specifically for their needs. Changing these settings could affect their ability to work.

4. Excessive use of social media or personal calls - it can be very tempting to check out Facebook or chat to your mates, but if you do it in work’s time you could get into serious trouble as you don’t know who is monitoring your work habits.

5. Come in when you’re sick - you may feel under pressure to be at work, but spreading germs around the office can affect the entire workforce. If you are feeling ill you will also be less productive and could make vital mistakes.

6. Be overly political - everyone has their views, but some of these are best left outside of the workplace. Politics can be a very emotive subject for people and you risk alienating yourself and others if you have very strong opinions.

7. Say yes to everything - you want to be liked and so you become that person who volunteers for every task and agrees with everything your boss says. However, you risk trying to take on too much and not getting your important work done. Your boss will respect you more if he thinks you have your own views and opinions.

8. Cultivate bad personal habits - letting your clutter spread out over your colleagues’ desks will make you unpopular. Other bad habits include eating smelly food at your desk, swearing excessively and talking loudly when other colleagues are trying to take calls.

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