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Top tips for when only a good meeting will do

Top tips for when only a good meeting will do

While you can't avoid them, there are some things that you can do to make them more productive. They may even be, dare we say, enjoyable! Below are some top tips.

Get to the point - What's the meeting for? If nobody knows, nobody cares. Make sure everyone who is going to be at the meeting is informed well in advance of the meeting's core theme and goals. This means that everyone is already prepared by the time they arrive. It makes for faster, more efficient meetings.

Move around a little - A great way to ensure the best from a meeting is to get out of your meeting room chair. A little bit of exercise stimulates the body and mind. This means you think faster and process information better. Meetings while walking aren't just the preserve of movies - they're finding fans in the real workplace. Try meetings whilst using treadmill desks, yes it can work!

Location, location, location - Where you choose to have the meeting has an impact on how successful it is. If you just use a regular conference room, nobody will be engaged. Think about the layout of your workplace. There are guaranteed to be more suitable, and interesting, locations to have a meeting, such as a more open or breakout space. A range of breakout furniture can be found here.

Get everyone involved - Making sure everyone's voices are heard is essential. For example, 3M’s giant Post-It® notes make the perfect tool for brainstorming. It's also important to make people feel comfortable enough to share their ideas, so put in the effort to cultivate a supportive atmosphere.

Creativity is key - A dull and boring meeting will have dull and boring results. There's no way around it. Don't be afraid to think of some unusual ways to engage the attendees and stimulate their creativity. For example, using a roll of film to create a mind-map to help everyone visualise the thought process.

Don't overrun your time - Decide how long your meeting is going to be, and stick to it. If your meeting is scheduled for thirty minutes, then break at thirty minutes. It's unlikely a meeting going over an hour is continuing to be productive, so don't stick it out just for the sake of it. Instead, reschedule for when everyone is fresh again.

Keeping these top tips in mind, with a little help from our interior specialists here at Office Reality, will make every meeting a breeze. Be inspired to make boring meetings a distant memory.

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