Tub Chairs and the BBC's Sunday Politics Show

Tub chairs have become increasingly popular within offices for not only their comfort and appearance, but for their versatility. They can be used in not only the reception area, but are also perfect within breakout areas as well, offering a comfortable place for employees to relax on their breaks. So why are they called tub chairs?

Tub chairs have a unique shape which is where their name derives from. The idea is that the shape of a tub chair resembles the back of a bathtub. They have a high back that curves around to the front to create the arms, which are most commonly higher than that of a normal arm chair.

There are various styles of tub chair, but the bathtub shape is always present. They have various different styles of feet and are upholstered in a are range of different fabrics, vinyls and leathers.

The chair’s design makes it easy for people to get in and out of it and is not only comfortable to recline and to rest arms, it keeps the body’s posture in a positive ergonomic position.

It is not only Break out, receptions and even homes that these chairs can show off their versatility, it is even on the sets of TV programmes too.

Last year Office Reality supplied the set of BBC’s Sunday Politics Show with some brand new tub chairs that were upholstered in purple fabric and by all accounts, they seem very pleased with their new soft seating!

Posted by: Office Reality

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