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Use of VDU screens in offices

November 20th 2008

Ergonomics - Use of VDU screens Here are some tips to reduce eye strain and headaches when using a computer over a prolonged period of time. Reduce reflection on the VDU screen Always try and position your PC on the desk at right angles to the window. If the window is behind you light will shine on to the screen and the reflection will cause your eyes to work harder. If the window is in front of you then the light shining in your eyes will have the same effect. If the ceiling lights don’t have diffusers in them (Cat 2) then this can cause reflection on the screen. Ambient light for offices should be between 300-500 Lux, if the overhead lights are causing reflection than reduce their brightness and increase the ambient light level with diffusers. Alternatively use desk lamps to highlight on the desk area. Reduce screen flicker. The frequency of the screen should be set to 85Hz many manufactures set their screens to 54Hz factory settings. The frequency can be altered in the Windows control box or via the graphics card. Set the VDU at the correct distance on the desk. This should be no less than 630mm (25") the eye will have to work harder if focusing on objects that are nearer than this. Keep the screen clean and free of dust Look away from the screen every few minutes and concentrate on a distant object Please contact us for further information

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