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V Smart office chair

September 18th 2008

V Smart office chairs These chairs have the patented Smart System. This is an advanced chair mechanism which will automatically determine the weight of the user when the chair is sat on and provide the appropriate of tension to the back angle adjustment. It will also establish the correct height and depth of the lumbar support on the ergonomically shaped back. This ensures that much more comfortable and healthy sitting position can be achieved with very little effort. This is an extremely attractive option for occasions where the same office chair might be used by a number of users. V Smart office chairs are available with stylish adjustable arms and with the option of a polished base. V Smart office chairs meet all relevant UK standards for office chairs reached approval with the BCFA (British Contract Furniture Association) in 2004. There is a visitor or conference chair to accompany this model The delivery time for this office chair is around four weeks and the warranty is five years .

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