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Valentine’s Team Building?

General, Seasonal Information February 12th 2016

It’s the run up to the day of love, Valentine’s Day. My efforts to feel a little less lonely on the day have failed. My idea to go out for a meal with somebody was shot down. Apparently having a meal at our local KFC does not fall into the category of “romantic”… I know right?! I even thought the fact that it would be candle lit would make it acceptable! So, in my misery, I became intrigued as to what workplaces would be doing for this beautiful day. Stumbling across a few articles, some of which were quite bizarre, the majority of them had a few good ideas to turn the day into a “team building exercise” in the office. Here are a few of the activities that have been suggested:


Decorating your own workspace with Valentine’s day related pictures and artefacts. Apparently dressing up the workspaces would show off a bit more of your personality… There is a lot of fun in dressing up the room as well so would make a great team exercise. Although my colleague Ben whinges at me enough for invading his workspace as my work always seems to wander across from my desk to his, so I will probably only end up decorating his and cramping his personal style!

Secret Valentine’s

Exactly the same as a “Secret Santa” in the workplace, but obviously with Valentine’s Day related presents pulled from a hat. For a small price budget, a name is pulled out with a colleague’s name on it and you all buy each other a little gift. Cute! The best part of this activity would be that nobody feels any less loved in the office and with receiving gifts, everyone is a winner!

Cupcake Contest

It’s always fun to bake! Although the clearing up part isn’t the fun bit… The idea is that if you have a kitchen area with baking facilities, all colleagues bring in baking essentials and have a “Great Company Bake Off”. The team work involved in baking is incredible and there’s cake at the end! Just make sure that you don’t throw flour at anyone, it will just mean that you volunteer yourself to clear everything up!

Bring In Flowers

Bouquet arranging… Fun, right? For this team activity, everyone comes into work with a bunch of various flowers and a vase. All flowers are then cut and laid together for everyone to then make their bouquet arrangement that they can take home with them. Everyone has a bunch of flowers for themselves (or to then pass to their wives)… Yeah, you’re right, I’m not too sold on this one either!


Setting aside the desks and chairs to create a dance floor area for the team to get a groove on. With some music playing (I am sure none of my suggestions will be allowed, not everyone here at Office Reality is a big fan of Trance and moan enough about my music being too loud in my car) it is a chance for employees to have a dance together. Creating a more casual environment for employees (and employers if they fancy showing off some dance moves) this is a great technique for everyone to get to know each other a bit more. It is definitely something different!

I can’t help but wonder how many companies will be doing any of these for Valentine’s Day… It does sound like fun! I am not sure we will bother here though, being predominantly male I do not see any of my colleagues agreeing to bake cupcakes or flower arranging. As for the dancing, they will disagree with that knowing that I would just show them all up anyway. Guess we will just have to wait until Easter to do something as a team... I am sure they will all agree to an Easter Egg hunt!

Whatever you are doing yourselves, have a great Valentine’s Day!

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