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Exercising in Your Office Chair?

October 2nd 2012

I don't need to tell you that within the office furniture industry, ergonomics is a huge talking point amongst manufacturers, dealers and office experts. There are so many opinions flying around as too what is the best design for an ergonomic chair, what the best practices and exercises to use when in the office and even whether having an ergonomic chair really benefits an office worker that much.

There are a couple of new chairs/inventions that aim to help office workers to strengthen their core muscles when at work. The Core chair is one of these office chairs that has been designed to encourage active sitting with a unique patent pending mechanism that allows the user of the chair to sit in an ergonomic posture in the static position as well as being able to vary the resistance to allow the chairs seat to move whilst keeping your body ergonomically sound.

The chair moves with instant and infinite movement around the axis that it sits on which helps the lower back and pelvic region to move with the swivel based chair to exercise the bodys core muscles. The chair was originally designed by the use of exercise balls in the office and to help office workers find a more comfortable and active sitting position. The second piece of equipment that has just recently been brought to the market is the "Office Chair Strength Trainer".

This attachment to the office chair not only allows you to build and tone your muscles while at work sitting in your office chair but it comes with dual Velcro straps that attach to the backrest of your office chair and features a pulley system with elastic bands to ensure the right amount of resistance is applied whilst performing the exercises. Exercises that can be done with this office accessory include, shoulder presses, bicep curls and bench presses. One thing to remember however is that, it is probably best to use this piece of equipment at the end of the day as it will induce sweating!

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