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We May Work Mobile But Never Outdoors

May 17th 2012

Nowadays our work and social lives are overlapping as more and more of us have to answer work calls whilst on a night out, over the weekend, or when we are out during the day and are asked to come back to the office. Its official, we are becoming a workforce that is more mobile and having to be on call, it seems all hours of the day.

The reason is that we can access our emails and take sales calls via our smartphones that have made into mobile office workers, but even so we haven't made the leap into working outdoors. Jonathon Olivares looks at why we still choose to work indoors. Olivares is extremely interested in why we have adopted such standards for working, for example, the fact that drywall has become industry standard. Olivares was given a grant from The Graham Foundation to study outdoor workspaces 3 years ago and his findings were revealed in an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Outdoor Office, the name of Olivares exhibition, has taken research from an outdoor office space used by Haitian relief workers to the Google campus in Palo Alto. The reason for this research is that Olivares believes that by being outdoors, we are able to better think and be creative, and this is actually believed by many others. Having created 3 different prototypes which form part of a proposal for an outdoor furniture system. The office furniture consists of recycled rubber for the floors, an easy put up/put down tent system and UV-resistant shading. There is no plan to move outdoors any time soon as the designs for these outdoor office furniture systems were hypothetically conceived. But who knows within a few years we could see our offices, office furniture and office chairs be taken outdoor to use.

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