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Well BuzziMe

September 17th 2012

Noise pollution in the office has become an increasingly worse problem as the introduction of open plan offices has become more and more popular. Open plan offices have been designed to increase the productivity and teamwork among staff. This maybe a very appealing advantage, but there are some disadvantages to consider.

Some staff feel that the privacy they once had with cubicle style offices has been taken away and to make things worse, noise pollution in offices has increased which has a negative effect on concentration and stress levels. There are products and office furniture out there that has been specifically designed to help alleviate the amount of noise in the office with their acoustic properties.

BuzziSpace is a typical example of this. Combining their own 100% recyclable and up cycled PET felt and fabric, they use this material to create office furniture that helps to absorb sound. BuzziSpace have a huge range of acoustic products from BuzziScreens that are mounted on the wall or from the ceiling to lampshades made out of their unique fabric that also helps to absorb sound in any given area.

Their latest product the BuzziMe is a large breakout seating swivel chair that has been designed for those who want a little bit of peace and quiet. Designed by Belgian designer Axel Enthoven was responsible for the look that to sum up is definitely striking. The chair combines functionality and ergonomics as well as sound reducing properties. The chair also has a swivel base and the high back and sides help to further reduce external sound levels. This makes it a perfect seat for high traffic areas such as lobbies, airports or offices. These chairs are available in BuzziFabric and the BuzziRough range with a wide choice of colourful materials to choose from.

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