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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing is a philosophy among many modern businesses now. Whereas in the past it was clear that people would compete for jobs, today companies have to compete for people.

This is perhaps not the case in some traditional industries like retail, but in digital marketing and tech companies, it has become a commonality.

The perception of office space is a large part of this shift. The prominence of Google and other tech companies have brought attention to a different way of doing things. These high-profile companies create environments where employees want to be - from their sleep or acoustic pods to free cafes, these modern businesses are setting the bar high.

So other modern businesses are making efforts to do the same. Finding quirks that add real value can be a huge boon to recruiting and staff retention, and wellness in the workplace is a priority.

Wellness is something that has risen in importance in the past few decades. Looking back, it was never much of a concern in business, with staff expected to stick it out. Today though, more altruistic mindsets have overruled outdated ones in many businesses, with a renewed focus on health leading to a sharp uptake in wellness initiatives.

Wellness in the workplace can be supported in a number of ways. Specific staff perks are often introduced to promote health - complimentary healthy and breakfasts and free fruit, for example, have become a staple in almost all propositions. For people looking for jobs, it is almost difficult to find modern companies not offering these small perks - another reason that adopting these perks in your business is vital.

Beyond this though, many businesses have also gone a long way to ensure that they don't only invest in physical health, but mental health too. The last ten years or so have introduced a focus on mental wellbeing, with almost every part of society rushing to offer options.

In offices, this can mean a number of things. Many businesses offer activities like yoga to their staff to promote mental wellbeing; others have created spaces within their offices where staff can relax and unwind. Our Harbour Yoga Booth is a great example of a space within a space that can be used for Yoga or just quiet comtemplation.  Of course, these are not necessarily outright fixes, and so other measures have to be considered.

Mental health days have become common alongside other sick days, and in many businesses, it is being encouraged for employees to talk openly about it when they are suffering in this way.

Posted by: Josh Seddon

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