When Moving Your Office, it Pays to Call the Experts

If you have or work for a developing business then moving office is a must. Depending on the size of your business this can be a very daunting task. Usually in the office it is down to one person, an executive assistant say, however the amount of work involved in planning the move is very extensive. You need to make sure that you have coordinated the books, files, computers and equipment, supplies etc... and that's not even including the office furniture. Many companies often buy new office furniture when moving offices.

This can add to the mammoth task as not only do you want to get the right office desks and office chairs to match the office decor, you also want to make sure that you get the configurations of the office furniture right. Some companies who do not budget for this use their old furniture, this may relieve you of the task of finding all new office furniture, but you also have to take into account where everyone will be seated and how the office will function. Not only has this but you want to take into account how you think the company will develop in 5 years.

Some things that you should take into account that is often overlooked, when moving are budget. Often companies do not budget enough for not only new office furniture but the disposal of their old office furniture including office chairs and office storage. Also it is worth noting that things tend to get lost in a big move, so double check everything is labelled and thoroughly check the offices once they have been emptied. Office Reality has the facilities and the expertise to help you with your office move so it may be worth giving us a call!

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