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Which guest stars appeared in The Office?

General, General information April 1st 2019
Which guest stars appeared in The Office?
Throughout its successful nine-year-long run, The Office (US) had celebrities queuing at the door in hopes of making a guest appearance. Amongst the back to back one-liners, hilarious visuals and iconic quotes, though, it's easy to forget which celebrities made you laugh the most. Forget office desks, office chars and acoustic pods for a moment, here's a list of iconic guest stars who made an appearance on The Office.
Ricky Gervais - Was Ricky Gervais the most memorable guest star to appear on The Office? After creating, co-writing and co-directing every single episode of the original UK version of The Office; Ricky Gervais made a special guest appearance to celebrate the 140th episode of its US counterpart. During the episode, 'The Seminar' Ricky Gervais appeared as David Brent - the character he played in the original version of The Office. He appeared again in the final episode of season 7, 'Search Committee'.
Will Ferrell - Will Ferrell's office guest appearance lasted 4 episodes. Viewers saw Steve Carrell resign from his manager position after 7 years on the show, to move to Colorado with his fiancé. Will Ferrell executes this comedy performance perfectly as he pays a replacement manager who just doesn't fit.
Christian Slater - Christian Slater was the star of a strange and slightly creepy orientation video made for the office staff during season 6. The guest appearance may have been a quick one, but it was difficult to miss!
Kathy Bates - Hollywood legend Kathy Bates is a huge fan of The Office. She channelled her inner Annie Wilkes (Misery) to play the strict CEO of Sabre and as the company buys out Dunder Mifflin during season 6.
Idris Elba - By season 5, The Office had already seen tonnes of guest stars make an appearance. One of the most iconic of the season was Idris Elba. He played a strict manager who was a stickler for adhering to rules and regulations. What a killjoy!
Jim Carrey - If the name 'Finger Lakes Guy' doesn't have you in stitches; you need to re-watch the season 7 finale right now! This episode is packed with incredible guest performances from a list of stars including Jim Carrey, Catherine Tate, Will Arnett and Ray Romano - to name a few!
Dozens of stars including Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Conan O'Brien made appearances that flashed by so quickly on the show, it was easy to miss them! Who was your favourite?
And finally, we couldn't resist including our favourite scene from the UK series.

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