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Why Are Headrests and Good Posture Important?

You may never have thought about purchasing an office chair with a headrest; however, understanding the benefits of doing so is important in ensuring that you are getting the best support for your spine and neck which in turn promotes good posture. You may not realise it, but you are more than likely spending a greater amount of time seated in your office chair than in your bed; therefore, it is essential you are supported properly and fully comfortable.

Why use office chairs with headrests? There may be a medical reason why a headrest is needed for your individual case. Those who suffer from acute neck or back pain will find a greater benefit from using a chair with a headrest. The neck pain you may be suffering with may have been brought on by bad posture due to the constant strain of sitting upright without the necessary support. If you work in a reclined position, a headrest may also be a more comfortable option for you. 

What to look for in a headrest - When on the lookout for a headrest, it is preferable to you choose one that is adjustable in height; both up and down and in and out. There may be short periods when you don't need to have your head supported, which is why the adjustable option is always useful. Likewise, when searching for a suitable office chair, opt for one that has the proper back height for your individual use. If you're short, a tall back won't allow your headrest to work with to maximum effect and vice versa.

Ergonomic office chairs - Most ergonomic chairs have headrests attached and are perhaps the most luxurious option for maximum comfort and perfect posture! They are designed to suit any one person to ensure that you are fully supported when working long hours. This type of chair provides the best back care suited to your own body dimensions and also provides custom options such as adjustability, seat depth and a selected height range. The seat pan offers good posture and the adjustability factor allows you to recline and forward tilt as and when necessary. Choosing a chair of this kind with an added headrest will be sure to provide you with the best support. Take a look at our range of ergonomic chairs today.


Posted by: Josh Seddon

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