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Why Are Headrests and Good Posture Important?

Ergonomics, General information, Seating November 8th 2017
Why Are Headrests and Good Posture Important?

You may never have thought about purchasing an office chair with a headrest; however, understanding the benefits of doing so is important in ensuring that you are getting the best support for your spine and neck which in turn promotes good posture. You may not realise it, but you are more than likely spending a greater amount of time seated in your office chair than in your bed; therefore, it is essential you are supported properly and fully comfortable.

The Importance Of Good Posture

The quality of your posture plays a huge role in your overall health. In fact, experts have proved that maintaining good posture is just as important as eating healthily and exercising regularly!

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Posture refers to the position in which we hold our bodies. Whether we are standing, sitting or laying down, our posture determines whether our body can fuel itself properly. If a body is not symmetrically aligned, muscle tension won’t be at a good level, causing a whole range of issues.

Maintaining the correct posture means that:

  • Muscles work efficiently without having to use loads of energy (resulting in less fatigue)

  • Spinal joints stay in place (minimising risk of injury)

  • Lowers risk of back pain

  • Lowers risk of developing joint issues like arthritis

Unfortunately, maintaining a good posture isn’t always easy, especially when most of us spend our days sitting at a desk. Sitting incorrectly is the leading cause of bad posture, making it all the more important to find ways to correct this. This is where office chairs with headrests come in.

How Office Chairs With Headrests Help Your Posture

There may be a medical reason why a headrest is needed for your individual case. Those who suffer from acute neck or back pain will find a greater benefit from using a chair with a headrest. The neck pain you may be suffering with may have been brought on by bad posture due to the constant strain of sitting upright without the necessary support. If you work in a reclined position, a headrest may also be a more comfortable option for you.

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What To Look For In A Headrest

When on the lookout for a headrest, it is preferable to choose one that is adjustable in height; both up and down and in and out. There may be short periods when you don't need to have your head supported, which is why the adjustable option is always useful. Likewise, when searching for a suitable office chair, opt for one that has the proper back height for your individual use. If you're short, a tall back won't allow your headrest to work with to maximum effect and vice versa.

How To Find The Perfect Office Chair

For an office chair that will remain comfy all day long while providing you with the utmost head support, look no further than an ergonomic chair. Most ergonomic chairs have headrests attached and are perhaps the most luxurious option for maximum comfort and perfect posture! They are designed to suit any one person to ensure that you are fully supported when working long hours. This type of chair provides the best back care suited to your own body dimensions and also provides custom options such as adjustability, seat depth and a selected height range. The seat pan offers good posture and the adjustability factor allows you to recline and forward tilt as and when necessary. Choosing a chair of this kind with an added headrest will be sure to provide you with the best support. Take a look at our range of ergonomic chairs today.

The Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

It’s clear to see that ergonomic office chairs will improve your posture - but what changes can you expect to see in your body once you start to use one? Read on to discover the amazing benefits of ergonomic chairs.

Posture Support: The most obvious benefit of ergonomic chairs is the posture support they provide; especially when fitted with a headrest. Ergonomically designed office chairs with headrests stop you from hunching forwards. Instead, your head has something to comfortably lean on, preventing your body from falling forward. Over time, your body will adjust to staying upwards, rather than hunching and putting pressure on your back.

Reduces Pain: If you work long hours at a desk, you may often find yourself suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain. This pain is usually a symptom of bad posture, as your body overworks itself to support your hunched seating position. Ergonomic chairs help to reduce this pain, by supporting your body in all of the places that tend to ache.

Adjustability: Ergonomic chairs tend to be adjustable, meaning you can completely tailor your seating experience to your preferences. No two bodies are the same; adjustable features mean that you can move every element of the chair around, suiting it to exactly what you find comfortable.

Productivity: If you’re uncomfortable while at your desk, productivity levels start to decline. You spend more time stretching and taking rest breaks than you do cracking on with work. Luckily, with help from ergonomic office chairs, this will be a problem of the past. Time will fly by when you sit in a comfortable chair, allowing you to focus on your work without a single distraction. You’ll also find yourself feeling more energised to tackle tasks, as your body won’t be as fatigued from sitting poorly.

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