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Why Not Try Turning Your Shed into a Home Office?

April 17th 2012

As we know more and more people are choosing to work from home for many reasons. There are the environmental reasons, reduced travelling distance, time saving, as well as convenience. One of the problems that many office workers face is where to put their home office before they have ven begun to consider what type of office furniture that they need. In the past few months there has been a large increase in the sales of home office furniture, office storage and office chairs that is mainly due to the Olympic Games.

Unfortunately work for many people will not cease during the Olympics and many of the office workers working in London, particularly in the East will have a tough time travelling to work. It is for this reason that many people are opting to work from home during this period or even set up the office for work after the games. One problem facing the transition is finding a space within the home to put an office. In order for a home office to function successfully you need to make sure that the area is free from distractions. What I mean by this is that it should be out of the way from the usual traffic in the home and away from noisy rooms such as the kitchen or lounge. So why not try converting your garden shed? Electricity is obvious when converting your shed but you need to be contactable.

Installing a phone line and internet facilities nowadays is a necessity even if it is just an extension from the house. Also you need to think about whether the room will have a dual function. For example will the shed double up as a spare room for guests? There are a range of office desks for the home that are on offer from Office Reality, some of which can foldaway to give the illusion of a cupboard when not in use. Also you will want to make sure that you buy a comfortable office chair, one that is preferably ergonomic particularly if more than one person is going to use it as usually these are the most multi adjustable.

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