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November 27th 2008

Wilkhahn are a design orientated German office furniture manufacturer with a pedigree that dates back over 100 years. In 1900 Friderich Hahne and Christian Wilkening took over a chair factory near Hanover. The name Wilkhaun is a combination of their surnames. Early collaborations with designers who were heavily influenced by the Bauhaus School of Design included Herbert Hiche and Geoge Leowald. The Company has always believed passionately in success through design and by the mid fifties were widely recgonised as the pioneers of German industrial design. In 1955 one of the first stacking chairs the 224 was in production from a design by Georg Leowald. The 60’s saw the Company take the lead on social responsibility with much of their products designed to emanate from sustainable sources. In the 70’s considered even more socialist than the Trade Unions Fritz Hahne CEO, announced a 50% profit sharing scheme with their employees. The 1980’s saw the launch of the FS line of ergonomic office chairs a range that has sold in excess of two million and still form part of the chair portfolio today. Wiklhaun have won many design awards for their ranges of conference tables, office chairs and furniture. They are also recognised as being one of the most forward thinking and socially responsible companies within the office furniture sector

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