Will conference rooms be consigned to the past in a post Covid world?

Will conference rooms be consigned to the past in a post Covid world?

Does the idea of a team all sitting in a conference room thrashing out the latest ideas and plans now feels like an alien concept?

With video conference calls now the norm, you may imagine that your large and spacious conference room is now almost redundant but, it’s not.

The new multi-functional room - It is worth envisaging your conference room as multi-functional, for the times when a video conference will do, and the space is not needed. Whatever you end up using the space for (lunchtime yoga, a new break-out area stand-up meetings), you need adaptable office furniture.

Below are our top four types of conference room tables that could transform your conference room from a serious meeting space to an open space in no time. Each table or desk is designed to either be used alone or in multiples to accommodate a group of people in a variety of seating positions.

Flip-top tables are a great option for a swift change of focus for your conference room. The tabletop flips to a vertical position and each table can be pushed up against the next to minimise the space needed for storage. The tables even have casters, so that they can be rolled out of the way with no need for a back-breaking drag across the floor.

Flip Top Tables

Economy multi-use tables - These tables come in all sorts of different shapes, from trapezoidal to oval to classic rectangle. They neatly stack on top of each other out of the way.

Economy Multi Use Tabels

Folding meeting tables  The legs on these tables fold neatly away to create an easy to store solution. Taking up minimal space, these folding meeting tables can easily be stored in a cupboard to maximise the floor space available.

Folding Meeting Tables

Harley Axis table  This system has a clever design and enables the user to dismantle the tables. The removable desktop and foldable legs create a compact unit, ready to be moved to an alternative location.

Harley Axis Tables

With offices not at capacity in a post-COVID world, it’s worth thinking about how your office space can work hard for you. For help with office design, space planning and to find out more about our office furniture, please visit our website or give us a call. 

In summary, question: so will conference rooms be consigned to the past in a post-Covid world? Answer: absolutely not, conference rooms will simply be used in a different way. 

Posted by: Ben Hartley

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