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Will Acoustics set the Workplace Trend in 2018?

Office life nowadays tends to mean one of two extremes for most people. Either we sit in a noisy, open plan environment, gradually becoming used to the general din that seems to sum up office life in the 21st Century, or we put on a set of headphones and completely disconnect from the environment that we're sitting in. Neither of these options are ideal. Noise can be distracting at best and lead to genuine medical issues in the long-term at worst, while zoning out from the place we're sitting in means that we can become pariahs in our own office and miss out on a lot of what's going on around us.

Considering office acoustics - For this reason, many companies are starting to think about office acoustics. Whether it's attempting to lessen the general din of the office by installing acoustic pods and acoustic baffles or taking other, practical steps to improve the working environment, many HR departments are starting to think about the sound of their offices like never before. If your business has just woken up to the importance of office acoustics, then here are a few hints to help improve the situation for everyone that works in your office.

Use equipment to improve the situation - Changing behaviour can take a long time, but with office acoustic equipment you can make some instant changes. Consider installing acoustic office screens between areas of your office to deaden the noise that's generated by naturally loud departments such as call centres. Workers in other departments will thank you for the improvement and you may well notice an increase in productivity.

Take it outside - Before you start a 2-hour conference call at your desk, take a look around you and take account of what your colleagues are doing. If they appear to be deeply engrossed in a complex task then consider moving elsewhere in your office to take the call. If your building has hot desks or pods that generally go unused then this might be the perfect time to make use of them. Alternatively, if you don't need access to a computer during the call then consider heading outside. You'll get a little fresh air and save your co-workers from having to listen to half a phone call.

Acoustic office products look set to be one of the big trends of 2018. By making the changes now, you can increase your chances of retaining happy workers when this approach becomes the norm.


Posted by: Josh Seddon

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