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"Work hubs" Instead of Working from Home May be a More Desirable Solution

The Olympics in London is imminent, but unfortunately the whole city cannot stop working for the games, no matter how much we wish it could. It is for this reason that many companies that have offices in the centre are encouraging their staff to work from home during the games to try and avoid commuting during the high traffic problems that are expected. The problem with not working at their office desk and working in their home office is that many employees feel that there are just too many distractions when it comes to working from home.

For example, the Olympics will be held over the school summer holidays and people with children may find their home office becoming a play centre for their children. Office "Work Hubs" are being set up around the country to try and alleviate this problem. The way they work is similar to gyms in the sense that users can pay by the day or pay monthly depending on personal preference. There will be a mix of professions in the shared offices as the offices and the office furniture has been set up to be used by a range of different uses. Most will have the basics such as a computer, phone, printers and scanners, where as some will have services such as disk burning, laminating and binding. Most of the hubs available have meeting rooms with appropriate meeting room furniture that you can book, however this may be included in the price or can be an extra charge for as and when the meeting room is needed.

Tim Dwelly, a managing director for Live Work Network has reprted that people who use the hubs, on the whole have a pleasurable experience. He comments "It reduces their sense of isolation, and, of course, they use equipment that they don't have at home, such as video conferencing,"

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