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Workspace Design Trends: recruiting Generation Z

General information, Industry News September 26th 2017
Workspace Design Trends: recruiting Generation Z

As Millennials now dominate the office landscape, and Generation Z starts to enter the workplace, you might find you need to radically rethink your approach in order to attract and retain technologically savvy young talent.

Office design grows up - Great design is not just crucial in creating a productive workspace, but it also showcases your brand and your company culture. The cool office spaces full of craft beers and slides are giving way to a more professional and sophisticated design as companies mature.

Focus on furniture - Where once office furniture was seen as purely functional, the emphasis is increasingly on matching form and function. So storage pieces are increasingly doubling as seating for breakout areas and stylish lockers are replacing the need for traditional office desks. It's a trend that has spilt over into home office furniture where space is limited and storage needs to perform several functions.

In an effort to future-proof the office in an uncertain economic climate, modular office furniture is seen increasingly as the smart choice for the office that needs to be able to fully maximise the available space. Purchasing office furniture online will continue to present the easiest and most cost-effective way for purchasers to future-proof their needs.

Wellbeing drives workplaces fit for function - The trend for bringing the outdoors indoors is part of a bigger trend towards incorporating wellbeing into office design. With sitting at a desk throughout the day dubbed the 'new smoking', such are the dangers of inactivity, there's a growing trend towards sit stand desks, also known as height adjustable workstations which have been proven to positively impact on internal health.

Reducing musculoskeletal pain reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. And sit-stand desks provide freedom of movement that's attractive to younger employees who believe they're more creative and productive when they can collaborate. Activity design is based around the idea of creating the right space for the job, whether that's a quiet pod or a breakout area.

Integrated technology - Generation Z have grown up with technology and it's an expectation of their working environment that tech will be as easy to use in the office as in everyday life. There's an increasing crossover between home technology and the office, with devices like the Echo helping to automate administrative tasks and wireless charging for always-on connectivity. The next stage from Chromecasting seamlessly to a laptop for effortless collaboration will be the continued implementation of augmented and virtual reality, giving Gen Z workers the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime.

If you're interested in taking the first steps towards designing for a new workforce, then give us a call to find out how our design team can create an office design for the next generation.

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