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World Office Chair Racing Championship

May 4th 2012

It may seem unbelievable, but this sport actually does exist. This weekend will be host to the fourth annual world office chair racing championship that will be held in Laichingen, Germany. Unbelievably this sport is becoming increasingly popular in Germany and there will be around 50 competitors will be taking part. One of these participants is Robert Dawson-Goodey an intern based in London who is not only planning on flying down a German road on an office chair, but he is attempting to make it to the start line without spending a penny on travel.

Robert 23, needs to get to Laichingen within 3 days from setting off in London where he intends to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes. The race itself will see competitors race down the street with speeds of up to 30 mph on various forms of modified office chairs. The only safety precautions that they have available to them is helmets knees and elbow protectors. "I have no idea how I'm going to get there, where I'll be sleeping, or what my final journey will look like. I'll just be relying on people's goodwill and sense of humour!"

Robert's employer, Chillisauce who organise events including activity weekends, stag and hen weekends and corporate events, have already pledged £250 towards the campaign. They have also said that if Robert wins the competition they will double it. Adrian Simpson, who is the creative director at Chillisauce stated: "We encourage as many people as possible to help Robert on his journey and raise as much money as possible for Help For Heroes." Robert set off yesterday and plans to reach the start line before 9am on May 6th.

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