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The Daily Grind Project

General information June 14th 2022
The Daily Grind Project

When we think of Red Bull most of us think of the famous energy drink that is appreciated globally by top athletes but do any of us think of skateboarding?!

Read on to find out what happened when a group of expert skateboarders took over The Daily Grind Chicago office space and caused absolute mayhem.

The Red Bull Skate Team were determined to get a feel for office life and did so by transforming the 23rd floor of the building into a skate park come film studio.

The opening scene shows an office worker having coffee knocked out of his hand and over his clothes as he arrives at work and stumbles awkwardly to avoid a skater who skates onto the perimeter bench seating without a care in the world.

The office skating journey continued as each member skated along filing cabinets, office desks and ramps, covering the entire floor and just about avoided collisions with the office workers. A Red Bull vending machined was ollied before the skaters continued through the office space reaching ceiling heights with the help of well-tuned tracks and well positioned skate ramps.

The skaters appeared to effortlessly glide along executive furniture, office benches and no surface was safe from skateboards or the enthusiastic skateboarders. Printers, cups and paper were knocked off executive desks and some office workers, seated in office chairs, appeared to be left in a state of shock as the skaters whizzed past them - knees at eye level! One skater even disrupted a meeting by skating along the middle of a boardroom table and no regard was given to the laptop he trashed on his decent.

Ryder Lawson experienced an unfortunate slam as he missed his footings and fell from an executive office desk!

The team and their ‘tricks’ showed there was more to office work than computers and cups of coffee as one of them performed a blunt from the office photocopier which only ever sees pieces of paper apart from bodily parts that are offered up following the Christmas party!

And to drum the message in even more, they finished their adventure by smashing a few laptops and an executive table up.

This was the Daily Grind Project which had been planned for some time and the video can now be seen below.

And finally, we don’t supply skateboards or endorse all the scenes shown in the video, but we do supply an unrivalled range of commercial grade office furniture. Our ‘in house’ design team can visualise your space ahead of the procurement process using the latest 3d visualisation software.

For more information give us a call.

Thanks for reading.

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